Luminous Technologies has developed a ready and easy-to-use mouldable resin product, Liquid Light.



Luminous Technologies’ Liquid Light is a resin-based product that enables the user to mould luminous shapes, without recourse to heat or refrigeration.


Simply pour the Liquid Light into the desired design cast, add the hardener, (included), and leave it to set. The resultant item is then suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Current Client Applications:


  • Technical equipment for climbers, sailors, horse-riders, cyclists, etc.
  • Single installation, one off cost, outdoor lighting


Glow in the Dark means Glow in the Dark. These products are not reflecting light, (as with a standard cats’ eyes on the road, bicycle reflectors, or ordinary safety jackets); these products are literally Glowing in the Dark.


They are slowly emitting light, absorbed during daylight hours, or as a result of exposure to an artificial light source.


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