Use of an Optically Active Additive can improve the quality of the coating process and hence through life coating performance providing benefits in the form of:


  •     Improved defect detection
  •     Improved coating quality
  •     Improved system performance
  •     Remote film thickness measurement in both wet and dry Reduced inspection time
  •     Easier to monitor through life performance with defect control and corrosion management
  •     Produces detailed permanent records




Luminous Technologies produce and develop optically active additives, as well as a range of glow in the dark paints, concentrates and pigments for a variety of implementations.


  • An Optically Active Additive should not be confused with traditional "glow in the dark" luminous products. Optically Active Additives are activated by use of a UV (Ultra Violet) light. The wavelength for activation of Optically Active Additives is generally from 365 nanometers (nm) through to 410 nm. When the Optically Active Additive has been added to a manufacturer's Protective Coating, the coating will glow when inspected using a UV lamp. Take the lamp away and the coating will look as normal.
  • Typical addition levels for Optically Active Additive are between 1 - 2% by weight. This means that the formulation of a protective coating to which Optically Active Additive is added is not effectively changed, thereby safeguarding the specific performance qualities for which the protective coating is already known.
  • It is therefore possible to quickly inspect any surfaces which have been painted with these protective coatings as they will glow under UV light. Any areas which do not glow will not have been painted, a further useful feature of this is that the brightness of the glow is directly related to the coating thickness making it easy to judge or calculate coverage quality in terms of over or under application. This is the basis for using our Optically Active Additive.




  • Easily identify paint coverage and thickness where coating integrity is paramount. For example in Sea Water Ballast Tanks, Bridges, Concrete Sewage Digesters and inside pipes which carry corrosive materials.

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