Luminous Technologies has been helping big business save big money for more than a decade. Pioneers in cutting-the-cost of industrial corrosion, Luminous Technologies developed an internationally award winning Optically Active Additive, which has been turning their competitors sea-green with envy ever since.

When added to paint, Luminous Technologies’ Optically Active Additive enables a primer coat ballast inspection which is quite literally illuminating. Equally effective when applied to concrete coatings, Luminous Technologies' Optically Active Additive is fast becoming indispensable in the fight against industrial corrosion.

When you choose Luminous Technologies you’re choosing a safety certified, industry accredited, product range that delivers return on investment as standard. When you choose Luminous Technologies, you're choosing to work with experts in the fight against industrial corrosion.

Luminous Technologies .........the enlightened way to do business

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